Be still

Recently I was interacting with a friend who mentioned that she was not feeling her best and decided that she was going to go home and sit in her recliner and be lazy. I knew what she meant, but thought to myself  why do we call it being lazy when it’s what our minds and bodies need?? If we sat in the recliner all the time and shirked all responsibility that we were capable of handling, that might be lazy.

Resting to nourish your mind and body is being responsible. Taking time to read and/or pray is nourishing your spirit and helps to build your hedge. If we still our mind and quiet all the daily noise in our heads, we can ‘hear’ God better and we can make room for God to be God in our lives. Letting go and resting in Christ will give us that peace and joy that we all need. And its not being lazy so don’t even think about feeling guilty.

Go and be a blessing and be blessed.

Heidi Cleaveland



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