Cheesy moon goals

A new year means new beginnings for most of us, and that seems to propel us towards new focus or a refreshed attempt towards accomplishing things that are important to each of us. 

Have you made declarations, resolutions, or recommitted to a previous personal goal in the last few days? Maybe you want to organize rooms, minimize material items, be more creative, or increase exercise frequency.  More importantly, maybe you promised to quit doing something that is unhealthy (smoking, excessive video gambling, prejudice thinking, or eating 13 donuts at once).

We all have things we want to work on because we are competitive goal-setters by nature and we want to be better. By nature, we set higher goals than we can reach. Shoot for the stars, reach the moon. It’s okay. We are supposed to fail from time to time and make good of it. After all, the moon is full of cheese and how bad can that be? Remember, the stars are not that far past the moon, so shoot for them. 

In your efforts to propel yourself past the cheesy moon into the sparkling universe where goal-laden happiness lies, remember that reaching the stars or moon is not everything that you need to be shooting for. Sometimes becoming a better person means doing small things that don’t seem very important at the time.

So do both. Strive for personal goals and do things for others. Buy a meal for someone who needs it. Donate your time or donate items. Take someone to a doctor appointment or run errands for the neighbor who has three sick kids. Surprisingly, it will probably have a greater impact than you realize. God asks us over and over to take care of others, especially those who need help the most. 

Luke 3:11 John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.”

Don’t be afraid to be amazing in big and small ways. Be a blessing and be blessed.




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