Drama llamas

Drama llamas!!  We all know who the drama queens are in our lives. These people react to many things in life as though a cosmic injustice has targeted them, and these wonderful drama llamas share it with all of us. I’m sure you might be able to recall a few times that you were a bit of a drama llama.  I certainly can (it’s rather embarrassing to recall).  Perhaps you might even feel a bit sheepish over some of your past emotional reactions. But guess what…it’s okay.

Really…it’s okay. We’ve all done it. However, here a few guiding points when it comes to emotions and feelings. Some scripture will be cited but not quoted. Feel free to look the scriptures up.

  • God created us – with emotions. He modeled us after his own image. (Ex 1:26-27)
  • God has emotions. The Bible speaks of God’s anger (Ps 7:11), laughter (scoff Ps 2:4) love (1 Jn 4:7-8) , jealousy (Ex 20:5 one of the Ten Commandments) , delight (Zeph 3:17), and compassion/pity (Judges 2:18) just to name a few.
  • Remember that Jesus was also angry (a justifiable drama llama) over injustices such as the money changers in the temple (Matt 21:12) and the self-righteous pharisees that didn’t want Jesus to heal a man on the Sabbath (Mk 3:1-6). He was justified and he didn’t hide how he felt
  • God wants us to experience our emotions, but not let our emotions rule us in a manner that will separate us from him. (2 Pet 1:5-7) We can make some bone-headed decisions when we let certain emotions lead us. But God equips us to handle emotions and instructs us specifically not to let anger control us (Eph 4:26).
  • God provides examples of men and women who took their emotions to him instead of acting out those emotions. A great example is Job. He was a righteous man who God allowed to experience great suffering to prove that Job would remain righteous. Job tried to understand why the suffering happened and why God wasn’t responding to him. Job was all sorts of drama llama for about 20 chapters. But in the end, Job remained righteous in God’s eyes because throughout the ordeal, Job continued to seek an audience with the Lord. Most importantly, when Job was acknowledged by God, Job didn’t ask for anything, but instead repented for running his mouth without understanding who God is and everything that God does (ch 38-42). How does that apply to each of us today?

Remember these things: God created us. He is clear in how he wants us to respond to certain types of emotions and he equips us accordingly. But God doesn’t ask us to deny justifiable emotions. I don’t understand everything that happens in this world, and I won’t pretend to. The one who does is a righteous and mighty God who loves us and is certainly big enough to handle our drama llama feelings. It’s okay to be angry about some things, just be sure to handle it the proper way.

I hope this helps you today.

Be a blessing to others.



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